Harman Accentra52i troubleshooting


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Oct 1, 2018

Please advise. I own Harman Accentra52i pellet insert . It has been running fine for 3 years. It stopped working recently. The unit will start, ignite, and after a 10-15 min will stop. Changed the hopper motor and the circuit board. The problem is still there. Any suggestions?


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Dec 12, 2013
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There are a lot of safety features where the stove will shut down if it senses that something is not within parameters, like draft, air flow, etc. More often than not, a “wicked good” cleaning takes care of stuff like that. Many users respond that “yes, I cleaned it” only to find out later they sort of cleaned it. Usual suspects for a 52i is ash under the burn pot chamber, dirty ESP sensor or a semi-blocked flue. When was the last time it was deep-cleaned? I ask because most service technicians say 60-80% of service calls are solved with a thorough cleaning.
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