harman accentr52i

  1. 5

    Piping question into Harmon 52i

    Straight to the point Question : Can I cut the PL pipe where it connects to the stove ? Story: New owner of a Harmon 52i. I am Installing this stove into a zero clearance box inside of a "closet" (build out wall). I purchased the double wall pellet stove piping need for the install from the...
  2. Brownstone mony pit

    Harman accentra 52i turned itself on!

    So I'm getting my stoves ready to run for the winter. I cleaned the accentra 52i and made sure my chimney is cleaned. Started it up during the Packers/cowboys game the other week. No problems and the pack won to boot! During the lions packers game the accentra started itself. The combustion...
  3. S

    Harman Accentra 52i-TC (Door Open Warning)

    I have a newly installed Accentra 52i-TC using as my main source of heat that keeps giving me a door open warning. It was a self install, zero clearance box, direct vent (Runs up about 3', 45 bend, 16", another 45, then slightly uphill going outwards. Its been running for about a week today, but...
  4. D

    52i intermitant noise

    guys turned the stove on this year and there’s a humming sound now intermitantly every 15 seconds or so that’s much louder than the fan and I don’t believe it’s the auger because it’s there non stop until the stove shuts off any ideas on what the noise may be?
  5. M

    Harman Accentra52i troubleshooting

    Hello! Please advise. I own Harman Accentra52i pellet insert . It has been running fine for 3 years. It stopped working recently. The unit will start, ignite, and after a 10-15 min will stop. Changed the hopper motor and the circuit board. The problem is still there. Any suggestions?