How often do you pull a Harman Accentra 52i-TC?

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Feb 9, 2016
Lancaster, PA
Am I correct that I have access to all the maintenance parts for cleaning from the front of the Accentra T-52i except for the room distribution fans? Is there anything in behind the insert I need to check after a ton?

I watched a P-35 Maintenance Video and it showed the combustion fan way to the back of the unit and the feed motor leaking pellets and fines.

I am soon through my 1st ton of pellets and trying to figure out if there’s any reason to pull the insert.
I like to clean the fines box out when i do my one ton cleaning, other than that no reason to really pull the stove after each ton.
Once a year is normal, I see no reason to pull yours. If you burn a lot of pellets, say over 5 t a year, perhaps more. When you pull it, remember to vacuum both motors, air pressure is better. Lube them if you wish and can.
Thanks. I think I will wait to pull it till spring. I don’t expect to burn more than two tons and will keep doing my monthly maintenance. Sounds like I should be in good shape.
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