Lopi large flush insert question on fire bricks

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Dec 19, 2020
New Jersey
Hi guys,

I recently purchased and had installed a Lopi Large flush insert Next gen unit. I live in an older brick English Tudor built in 1927 in New Jersey so insulation is poor at best and winters can be pretty rough. can be a bear to heat this house but this insert has definitely allowed me to turn the thermostat down. This thing really throws off a boatload of heat and am happy with it overall. I put a magnetic thermometer on the faceplate just above the door and I can't help but think whatever the temp shows there I should add 50 - 75 degees for an accurate reading inside the firebox. Would you guys agree with that? IS there a better spot I should be placing the magnet for more accurate reading? I feel like when it reads between 350 -400 it really is much hotter!

My other question (which is probably more important) actually pertains to the Firebrick, I have a couple gaps in the Firebrick on the right side and the left side of the firebox. IOW two of the bricks have play between the other ones maybe an inch and half to two inches is a rough guess? Is this a normal thing? Part of me things yes in the event we needed to replace the firebrick and part of me says no maybe there should be no gaps at all?

Here are some of pictures for you guys to see..

As always thank you in advance!


Lopi large flush insert question on fire bricks Lopi large flush insert question on fire bricks Lopi large flush insert question on fire bricks
Push the side firebricks together so they are even with the floor bricks.
Are others seeing my post four times? Weird.

I deleted one, and three of the four went away.
Look towards the rear of the owners manual. It's online, if you don't have it. It will show which bricks go where for partial bricks.

Pretty sure they just need to be pushed together, though.
May want to remove the bricks when cold, clean the ash, and put them back.
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Imo an inch or larger could be in the risky zone - but that depends a lot on the air flow, i.e. where the flames go.
Better for others to answer that. I have learned on here just how much I don't know.

The 400 F is on a magnetic thermometer on the surround above the Lopi? Curious for others to give guesstimates of what insert temperature is.
Oh ... picture of 1927 English Tudor, please.