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  1. ironmanco

    Lopi Berkshire Pilot Assembly (250-00412)

    After about 20 years it looks like my pilot assembly needs to be replaced. I've got the part number from Travis for NG as 250-00412. Looks like there are a few companies that make replacements for this but wondering if there's any difference other than the $50 ;-)
  2. crobinson.crane

    Advice between Quad 5700 or Lopi Liberty / Endeavor Hybrid

    Hello! After growing up using a wood stove at home, I really don't know too much and need some help here. I'm an owner builder of a new home construction (subbing out HVAC) and am trying to decide what stove to place in my basement. The house is about 2,300 SF each level, heated primarily with...
  3. M

    Raising a Fireplace Xtrordinaire 430 DeLuxe

    My daughter has decided that she wants a gas insert for her fireplace. Her biggest "want" is the biggest viewing area and because she has a very low hearth that's maybe 2" above the floor, we're thinking about elevating the insert. I realize that however you raise the insert, the material should...
  4. C

    Attaching Flue to wood insert w/ little clearance

    Hi everyone. I’m installing a Lopi Large Flush insert. I’m using a Forever Flex double wall liner. I have maybe 1.5 inches of clearance between the top of the appliance and the height of the fireplace. The manual says to attach the flue to the top of the appliance using three L brackets and...
  5. U

    Lopi large flush insert question on fire bricks

    Hi guys, I recently purchased and had installed a Lopi Large flush insert Next gen unit. I live in an older brick English Tudor built in 1927 in New Jersey so insulation is poor at best and winters can be pretty rough. can be a bear to heat this house but this insert has definitely allowed me...
  6. G

    Lopi Fireplace Insert — insulation

    Hey all, new to the forum today, long time reader. I just had installed a Lopi medium flush insert, a stove with the “convection chamber” or “air jacket” (i.e. a metal jacket around the actual insert with a gap for air to flow thru with a blower). I was wondering if I could insulate around...
  7. C

    Fire place xtrordinair 36 elite problems.

    I have a fireplace xtrordinair 36 elite that is 15 years old. The medal is corroded through on the back of the stove just above the damper plate bracket. Has anyone seen this? If so how was it repaired? I'm communicating with a rep from Travis Industries and hoping for some help. So far the...
  8. L

    Fireplace Xtraordinair Large Flush Insert questions

    All, Apologize in advanced if any of my following questions have already been addressed elsewhere in this forum and I've missed them. I'm in the market for a new wood burning insert for my existing fireplace. My local "reputable" fireplace dealer only really gave me 2 options to look at...
  9. L

    Lopi AGP keeps shutting down, but that's not what's important here.

    My question is. has anyone had unfixable shutdown issues w/ a 2015-16 model and gotten a new stove as compensation from Travis? The rest of this post is just background information if anyone is interested. After having an Austroflamm Integra for 22 years, we decided to try something new -...
  10. S

    Fireplace Insert Blower Blowing Smoke

    I am new to wood burning heat this winter. I had a Fireplace Xtrordinair (Travis) Large Flush mounted wood burning fireplace insert installed in September. I've had a few issues with it over the winter, first being that the catalytic combuster fell out into the firebox in the middle of a...
  11. O

    Austoria smoke out again lazy flame

    Ive got an Austoria that I purchased new about 11 years ago, Recently I replaced the auger bearing, about 6-8 weeks ago my house filled with smoke and lazy flame. I did a deep cleaning and replaced the combustion motor with an OEM unit, worked great for 6-8 weeks, this am at 6am, same thing...