New Lopi Deerfield Pellet Stove pop fuse after about 5 bags of pellets.

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Oct 3, 2021
Southington, CT
We installed the Lopi Deerfield stove back in October to replace a 10-year Astoria. Last year we install radian floor heat. The 2 work well together has a combo. Until tonight when the Deerfield pop the fuse.

We normally run the stove an hour takes the chill out of the room in the morning. After that the house hold temp pretty well. This pass weekend here in Connecticut it was down to 0. First time I had to run and fill it 2 days in a row. We maybe used 5 bags of pellets all season so far. We did notice the past 2 time the stove was slow to start. The last time I had to unplug it and clean the pellet tray. Then it started like it should. Tonight, it lit the pellet and went quit. No fans, panel lights or anything. I pull the fuse and it was blown. Also pull the back cover to try to figure out why. Check all the wiring. I don’t see issues. Everything looks factory fresh.

See I don’t have a spare fuse, I’ll have to get one tomorrow. At this point I’m most likely will try the new fuse tomorrow and go from there. I can’t see having the repair truck out yet. Please let me know if you have a clue what's happening here. I’ll get you posted on what I figure out.

New Lopi Deerfield Pellet Stove pop fuse after about 5 bags of pellets.
Happy to say the igniter was fine. Come to find out the factory installed fuse was 250V 3Amp. The stove requires a 5Amp fuse.
With the new fuse is installed. Not sure how or why the flame seems be better. Like I had just clean the stove pipe better. (I can say that because this is my 4th stove.) The exhaust fan must be getting better voltage.
Thanks all. I hope this helps someone.
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Definately call who you bought it from or manufacturer and tell them the wrong fuse was installed "factory" maybe even get a few extra free ?