Lopi Yankee Bay insert thermostat

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I saw a posting for the Lopi Pioneer Bay that said an off the shelf thermostat could be used. Is this true for the Yankee Bay as well? I don't see how that would be connected, as there are just the 2 connections for wires on the stove. How does one connect a commercial thermostat to the Yankee Bay insert?

I have the Lopi wired thermostat, but that is a PITA to install.




Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
There are good U tube videos that will help you set it up
From simple ones to fancy ones. There will also be instructions
with what ever unit you buy Just remember the stove has two wires
and the stat is only for on/off Some new stoves get a whole lot fancier
I do not know your stove well it may have heat and idle where the
stove does not turn off but when called for temp is reached it reverts to a
maintenance burn on low . Don may chime in he has lots more experience
with stoves than I do