Did we buy wrong thermostat for Lopi Yankee? (2 wires/ 4 wires?)

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Apr 18, 2024
Hi all,

Wow what an incredible resource this site is! Already learned so much.

We're in the middle of purchasing a house with a Lopi Yankee which has been running manually so we're installing a thermostat. We purchased a Honeywell RTH2300 but notice this configuration called for 4 wires from the thermostat, when we only have 2 coming from out the stove, red and white.

We've tried various combonations but the thermostat doesn't seem to communicate at all. Did we buy the wrong one?

THIS thread almost had my answer but the links to the PDF are broken

Many thanks for any replies, we really appreciate it.
Honeywell RTH2300
Your stove is a simple two wire thermostat stove, with the RTH2300 remove jumper between R and RC. Connect one wire to R and other to W set thermostat on heat Board has to be placed in tstat mode of your choice of 3. If board is not like one pictured let us know.


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