Rebuild a Jotul Firelight 12 or replace Englander NC-30 or ?

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Feb 20, 2011
Greetings fellow wood stove owners. I hope to stay as warm as many of you and sit down by a beautiful fireplace and keep myself and my family warm. But I have a problem....

I have a 1997 Jotul Firelight 12. I need to replace the following:

the back plate
the inner back plate
inner top middle screw for back plate
all rope
cat chamber
I am not sure of anything else.

Replacement parts so far are pricing at $800 to $1000

At this point I am considering other options. Like an Englander NC-30 which seems to be popular here.

My mobile home is only 1,000 square feet. And I see the englander stove is $899.00 in my area. Any other stoves you can recommend that are mobile home approved?

If you think the NC 30 Englander is good or is there a smaller size more appropriate for my 1,000 square foot mobile home? What options should I consider for the Englander?

Any help would be appreciated by me and my family before the cold winter kicks in. Thank you.
I'd look at the Englander Madison. At 2.5 cu ft it's a little smaller than the 30 NC for a better sizing fit and it has easier installation requirements like an ember protection only hearth.
The 30NC is not a top loader either. Only a few stoves are and they are not in this price range. I've had both and don't miss the top load anymore.
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