Master Forge H30xl

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Jan 19, 2008
Salisbury, MD
Got the Master Forge H30xl installed this weekend, it was a new install with all new pipe. Installed easy enough, very few issues with the stove install itself. I have been running the stove now for about 48 hours, the initial burnoff went well, just had to keep windows open and pointed a fan at the unit so all fumes went out the window.

Pros so far:
  1. Built in Wifi (app could use more options but it works)
  2. Small footprint (clearances are pretty substantial for such a small unit)
  3. Ease of use
  4. Blows out heat
Cons so far:
  1. Blower is not quiet (they call it Whisper Quiet Blower Technology)
  2. Thermostat wire in the back is not reading correctly, sometimes off by 5-6 degrees
  3. Have to set the stove at several degrees higher than I want due to thermostat being off (at 80 currently in eco1 mode)
  4. Glass gets clouded up by flyash pretty quick using P4 mode (simple to clear with wet paper towel)

I will update as it goes along. I have the stove plugged into a Kasa link and I monitor the stoves electric use with Sense if anyone is interested in that. I also do it so I can shut the power off remotely to the unit if the need arises.

As mentioned so far I am running it in Eco1 P4 mode (blower set to -20 to try and quiet it down) so it shuts off once it hits 80 and comes back on once it hits around 75, the issue being the thermostat has such a wide jump, sometimes it will go from 75 to 79 and then back down to 77 within a few minutes. I will work on figuring out if I can make that more stable, I have already tried putting the tip of the wire into a sleeve but not seeing much difference yet.

What I see is the temp will drop down to 72 on the stove temp probe which is actual room temperature after the pellet stove turns off. Once it starts up again it jumps up to 75 then will eventually hit 80 and shutdown down again, it is not staying on long enough, short cycling. I used another thermocouple and put it near the stoves temp probe and there was about 5 degrees difference between the two so I have to figure out how to get that temp probe on the stove to be more stable.

Cycles so far today:

Turned on: 7:46 am
Turned off: 9:52 am
Turned on: 10:13 am
Turned off: 1:37 pm
Turned on: 2:12 pm
Thanks for the updates, just picked one up on Clearance at Lowes, I have Whitfields and dont know if this will work any better, nice to finally have a Wifi and a igniter for once in the past 26 yrs, keep us posted on what more you find, at the store i didn't see any heat tubes that would blow any air out front, and whats up with the removable front top cover?, you can see the burnpot area, so air just blows all around it, does it actually have a decent amount of air pushed out the front grill?
does it actually have a decent amount of air pushed out the front grill?

Yes, I have actually played with the P settings and now have my p1 set at exhaust fan (S) at 15 and the blower fan (F) at 10 and I am getting more heat out of the unit.

My issue with the thermostat is the unit is in a small room so I need to get the hot air out of it to the other rooms more efficiently, I am working on that.
Wanted to post an update, I have fixed the temperature issue by adding a Vornado fan to the same room as the pellet stove to blow the hot air out into the rest of the house. My temperature in the room with the pellet stove has come down now and I can run the stove at lower temp settings. The stove now keeps the entire house (1600 sq feet) at around 73 degrees, I did not expect that from a pellet stove of this size nor am I pushing it hard to do this, most of the time it is running in P4 mode which is low. And this is while the temperature outside has been in the teens with windchill.
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Some other pictures of my fan setup:

This picture shows the location of the Vornado on top of the bookshelf:
Master Forge H30xl

This picture shows the warm/cold air currents I have created with the Vornado to move the heat out of the room to the rest of the house:

Master Forge H30xl

I now keep the ceiling fans OFF as they are not needed with the Vornado running on medium. The open door allows the heat to run the full length of my house all the way to the bedrooms on the other side of my rancher layout, it is a straight shot through the living room and down the hallway. If things get to hot in that room I open the other door to the kitchen.
So I made the Vornado a smart fan. I have hooked up a temperature controller to it so it turns the fan on at anything above 70 degrees and turns it off at below 70 degrees. Works well. I don't run my pellet stove at night (let the heat pump run) but I have the pellet stove scheduled to come on at 5am so we come out of the cooler bedrooms to a warm house. I was having to leave the Vornado running all night but now it comes on once the air temp hits 70 and starts blowing the hot air out of the room.