QuadraFire Mt Vernon Thermostat

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Feb 5, 2024
United States
First post, and it is a concern that I have here about the QuadraFir.e Mt Vernon pellet stove Thermostat.

The thermostat on the wall is wired with three wires. The LCD readout has many menu options that would operate this Pellet stove,
and the pellet stove would be inoperative if the thermostat were to be disconnected, broken, or my most concern here, if it were shocked by
static electricity.

  • Are the thermostats available in the aftermarket?
  • Has anyone built a reasonable replacement with a tablet or a Raspberry Pi ?
  • Are there any replacement thermostats that can be controlled over WiFi with an app or a browser screen?
How long will the OEM thermostat be available, i.e. is there an end-of-life on the horizon?

Thanks so much in advance.
they are quadra fire only. you would have to dl the chip data and reverse engineer the code, then program the pi. they are a popular stove and parts will be around longer than you have the stove.
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Never understood why they developed and supplied a proprietary tstat??? Especially in the world of smart "everything" and, don't get me started on the price. Don't be the wrong, I really like my Quad MVAE, my wife loves it. It's a real workhorse but I'm more than a little disappointed in their support philosophy, i.e. don't call us, call your dealer. Case in point, I've got a Honeywell smart thermostat. Had a problem a few months ago. Called their support. They could not have been nicer. I'm a Honeywell guy for life. Had a question about my Broan kitchen range hood. Called support. Same.experience......and the list goes on. Spent a number of years in sales and one thing that was always drummed into us was, It's often cheaper to keep an existing customer than to find a new one. Just sayin......
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