Help Identifying Mystery Part Broken on Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

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Feb 17, 2016
Hudson Valley, NY
Hello All!! Please look at the photos and help to identify this broken part, and how to get a replacement.

We were attempting to replace the feed motor on our older model Quadrafire Mt. Vernon Stove, a task we had accomplished successfully in the past, when an electrical connection, which goes FROM the feed motor TO an electrical mount in the wall broke.

It is a part which allows the BLACK and RED wires to be plugged in, and then it reduces to ONE black wire, which is then connected at the wall point.

This part is NOT the feed motor capacitor which was provided by our local dealer. There is a photo that contains the part that broke, alongside the part we were given as a replacement. This replacement part is available online, but it's not the part we need. Part of the confusion is this broken part also has a capacitor in it, but I have not been able to find any trace of it in my online search.

Please help us identify what the mystery part is and how we can order a replacement. We depend on our Pellet Stove to heat our home, so a timely response to this question would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for your assistance.


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The part you were given is a capacitor jumper. It is used when the capacitor goes bad, instead of buying a new motor. Old stoves had the capacitor in the junction box. Newer stoves, it is inline. The new auger motor you have has the capacitor inline(the yellow box). You don't need any more of them. Depending on your stoves age, you either use the white plastic connectors to hook together, or use the adaptor that comes with it, if you have spade connectors. kap
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Thank you for all the feedback, I think I'm getting an idea about this, but we still have a mystery. The ISSUE we have is the black and red cables that come off the new motor jumper cable, they need to attach to where you see the ORANGE and PURPLE cables going. That's how we finish the loop so the stove operates. The part that BROKE allowed both the Red and Black cables to be connected to it, and then one cable plugs in to the connection on the stove. The white plastic 3 prong pieces needs to connect and the broken piece seems to be the only way to accomplish it....and I can't figure out how to get a new one. Any ideas there?

Or is there a part that replaces it by connecting DIRECTLY to the white plastic connector from the feed motor and into the stove (to a SINGLE connection near Orange/Purple wires in photo)

It looks like the part I am seeking to replace has SPADE connectors on both ends, and connects to a SPADE connector as well.
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