Testing the newer HHT Pelpro 2 RPM auger motors with connector and capacitor for PP60 / PP60-B / PP70 / PP130 / PP130-B / PP150 wood pellet stoves

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Feb 1, 2010
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All these new auger motors are made by HHT that owns Harman & Quadrafire so the auger motor is similar to the ones used in the Quadrafire wood pellet stoves that have been around for many years. Therefore the easiest way to test them is to purchase the Wire Connector for the Quadra-Fire Auger Feed Motor Part # 812-4412-WC for approximately $10.00
Then connect an AC line cord with 2 female spade connectors to the black hot and white neutral wires. Then plug 🔌 it into the 120 VAC wall outlet and using a stop watch timer just time how long it takes to make one revolution of the output shaft with the hole in it. One revolution should take 30 seconds which would be 2 revolutions in 60 seconds or 2 RPMs.
These pics are on a motor from a Pelpro PP-130 and all these models:
PP60 / PP60-B / PP70 / PP130-B / PP150
Pic 1 - Wire Adapter with Quad motor and bracket
Pic 2 - Wire adapter
Pic 3 - Pelpro Motor Tag
Pic 4 - Pelpro PP130 Wire Diagram
Pic 5 - Test setup shows 30 Secs for one revolution using Wire Adapter and AC Line cord





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