US Stove auger motor part # 80488 - Testing the RPMs

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Feb 1, 2010
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Note: As a base measurement, the original OEM Whitfield auger motors that are 1 RPM motor takes 60 seconds for 1 revolution. After market auger motors can vary, I have seen 1.2 RPMs on some!
The US Stove Volgozang pellet stoves come with a 1.5 RPM auger motor so finding a replacement motor with the same RPMs is not that easy.
This motor from US Stove part # 80488 does not state the RPMs on the label so we bench tested it to assure it is the correct 1.5 RPMs
The label on the Motor reads:
Auger Motor Made by:
Merle - Korff Industries
Model 8441514415UI
P/N 80488
115V 60 HZ 0.40A Z.P. Class "B"
ES3070 M SL2931
Therefore Auger Speed when plugged into an AC outlet is 60/40 = 1.5 Revolutions Per Minute
In this video you can also use your stop watch timer and see One Revolution is approximately 40 seconds
Note: in the picture of my stop watch timer below, I did not stop the timer as soon as the motor shaft finished one rotation, that is why it reads 3/4 of a second faster that 40 seconds

8BF8D34F-2B8A-4276-80A3-9E077E84EE74.jpeg 114D3AD3-6397-4015-ADDB-4A0D889DE5F7.jpeg D5571C63-EC57-433A-928F-E3EC631AEA14.png 49F93A78-B710-4BEA-9924-84704321C9D1.png BA570ADE-9D21-4237-A0AF-B37C5A895B2D.png AE6817A2-C464-4B80-B6EC-70B849359499.png
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