Quadrafire Mt Vernon Please help!

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New Member
Jan 8, 2024
New Jersey
Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon Ser: 0071782482 Control box has a sticker dating 2005.

Just took over apartment where the main source of heat is the pellet stove, no technician can get to me until April, I am freezing!


Will not feed after startup. Drops pellets , ignites, blower gives heat. Pellets burn up and nothing happens until you hit reset or turn thermostat off then back on.


Control box blinks blue, no other colors ever come on. Red light "call for heat" by speed control is always on.
I can hit reset every 5 minutes to keep heat. Landlord is very sick and cant help, Said the control must be on low to start and thermostat must be maxed. (Opposite of manuals i've found.) Thermocouple tip was broken off. Fire seal is very tattered. Speed control 1 - 4 seems to do nothing except for "faster sounding".
Landlord replaced "a part" but can't remember what.

What I've done:

Replaced thermocouple with cheap amazon replacement. Reversed polarity like posts said "not that doing so makes sense to me" Made sure ceramic is touching and distance is correct.
Cleaned unit thoroughly. Resealed flu "had leaks".
Tried prefilling pot with pellets pre startup incase wasn't reaching temperature.
Checked continuity on 2 snap disks by speed control, manuals online say 4 snap disks i can sort of see a 3rd in back past control box couldn't test it.

Any ideas, I'm getting desperate as its getting colder and colder. Also, the proper startup procedure would be appreciated.
I do not have the $ to throw parts and can't find a tech.