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  1. pb0812

    Quadrafire Mt Vernon E2 failing with 6 flashing red lights

    Hi, I'm struggling to chase down an issue with a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon E2 continuously failing with 6 flashing red lights. The manual states that this is either related to the exhaust blower and exhaust encoder (on end of blower); or potentially the dial control or control board. Well, I've...
  2. R

    Quadrafire Mt. VERNON AE stuck start-up

    Our 2007 Mt. Vernon AE insert is stuck in start-up mode. It is not feeding pellets. We had a sound coming from the exhaust blower, so we cleaned it (it wasn't bad) and it would then sporadically feed pellets, blower was continuously spinning. Then it quit feeding all together., blower runs...
  3. K

    Quadra fire Mt. Vernon Missed ignition after replacing igniter and thermocouple

    Hello, I’m hoping someone can give us some advice. We have a 2007 Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE. We are getting a missed ignition error code on our thermostat. We have replaced the igniter twice with new elements, and replaced the thermocouple and cover. The stove calls for pellets when the...
  4. B

    Mt. V AE Control Board Missing Parts

    So I recently had to replace the thermocouple on my Mt. Vernon AS and noticed that the new TC seemed loose when I connected it to the control board (part# 7000-456 Rev C). The bad TC firepot error that I had been getting is now gone but the igniter now won't get hot. I brought the board to my...
  5. V

    Help! Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

    I have a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon pellet stove I purchased used. A friend came over yesterday to take it apart and clean it. We got all the brick pieces removed. We cleaned it and put the left side piece and the back piece in. We cannot get the right piece back in! We spent hours reading the...
  6. G

    Elevated fireplace, want Mt. Vernon E2

    My fireplace is elevated about a foot off the ground, completely surrounded by rock. Looking at pictures, I see the Mt. Vernon E2 extends out of the fireplace. I don't care about the appearance of that, but will that unit still work in my setup? Any extra steps during installation? Thank you...
  7. M

    Help Identifying Mystery Part Broken on Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

    Hello All!! Please look at the photos and help to identify this broken part, and how to get a replacement. We were attempting to replace the feed motor on our older model Quadrafire Mt. Vernon Stove, a task we had accomplished successfully in the past, when an electrical connection, which...
  8. Jonkman

    Sound Wars! How loud is a Quadra-Fire Castile VS a Mt. Vernon vs an Accentra?

    I have a Quadra-fire Castile insert, and I have a friend who is interested in getting a pellet stove as well. I run my Castile on high most of the time to keep up ( I probably bought to small, but that's another matter). I always hear that the MVAE and E2 are so quiet. I have never seen one in...