Quadra fire Mt. Vernon Missed ignition after replacing igniter and thermocouple

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Hearth Supporter
Jan 5, 2008
lehigh county, pa
I’m hoping someone can give us some advice. We have a 2007 Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE. We are getting a missed ignition error code on our thermostat. We have replaced the igniter twice with new elements, and replaced the thermocouple and cover. The stove calls for pellets when the thermostat calls for it. The stove drops pellets into the burn pot and the auto clean mechanism empty’s them into the dustpan. Unfortunately a tech from our local stove dealer can’t get out to check it out doe 5 weeks. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be the control board? We haven’t replaced that yet. Thanks everyone!
First thing to do is clean the stove real good. Pull the panels on the back wall and brush & vacuum out the ash. Pull the combustion blower and clean it and the chamber it goes into. Check and clean the vent pipe. If air can’t get through the stove it can’t run correctly.
Did anyone figure this one out? I am running into the same issue. I replaced igniter and thermocoupler but I am still missing ignition