Quadrafire 1200i does not start on its old after it’s cold


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Feb 9, 2020
Rhode Island

I just bought a brand new quadrafire 1200i pellet stove and have had it for only a week. I have a huge house so I set the thermostat to 80 degrees and keep it on highfrom 4-11pm heats the house to about 74. I think have the thermostat set to 68 at night but for some reason the stove cools all the way down and never restarts when the tstat falls below 68. I then wake up and it’s freezing. Now if it doesn’t go into a full cold shutdown and the blowers keep blowing then it’s fine and runs like normal.
Thanks for the help.



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Dec 2, 2017
not sure about your stove but on my stove if im using a thermostat i have 2 options on/off so it shuts down when it reaches temp or on/low to it puts the stove on the low flame setting until it calls for heat again.. i have noticed that depending on what pellets im using after several hours on low it will actually go out due to the inconsistency and size of pellet. it will not feed enough and eventually go out... I can adjust the low burn setting but im to lazy and only use the crap pellets if nothing else is available. Maby check your manual for the settings and how to adjust