Quadra Fire E2 Pellet Stove Insert Capacity

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Jan 28, 2016
We just purchased a Quadra Fire E2 Pellet Stove insert. Prior to purchase, the brochure spec claims the stove holds 52 lbs of pellets. We have now run the stove dry more than a half a dozen times, and at best, if I hand-cram the pellets in I can sometimes get a full 40 lb bag in. This is 25% less than stated capacity. The installer tells me they over-state the capacity and Quadra Fire will not reply to my inquiries.

Does anyone out there have an E2 and if so, can you tell me if you have issues fitting more than a 40 lb bag into the stove?

Thanks - Tim
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Welcome to the forum! That's probably not the only thing that is inaccurate on the marketing info for the E2...
Hey again Tim,

You can try contacting Hobokenkitchen or LGTWhit via the forums private messaging, (go to the middle icon next to your user name in the top toolbar and you'll see the 'conversations' drop down), as they both have E2 stoves and have posted in the past on issues with that model.

With the warm winter here in the East in particular, a lot of members seem to be taking the winter off from pellet burning and thus forum followership, but hopefully one of them will respond back to you.

Good luck, and stay warm, DK
I have found the density of the pellets makes a difference. MWP will not come anywhere near 80 lbs, Spruce pointes will almost go the 80 lbs. Need to pile high to get it all in.
Noticed a difference with pellet size and volume in the bag between different brands in the past. That may be part of the answer. I know Quadrafire engineering seems to be pretty disparaging of quality of pellets available on the East coast. Their West coast location puts them in prime softwood pellet country...
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