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  1. V

    Help! Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

    I have a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon pellet stove I purchased used. A friend came over yesterday to take it apart and clean it. We got all the brick pieces removed. We cleaned it and put the left side piece and the back piece in. We cannot get the right piece back in! We spent hours reading the...
  2. M

    Mount Vernon 4 speed miss starts???

    I have looked through other threads and can't find this exact problem. I have a Mount Vernon 4 speed (non ae) that I've been having an intermediate problem with for a while. On start up, doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, the exhaust fan starts up, the stove drops pellets for 60 seconds and...
  3. C

    Condensation on Wood Stove / Outside Air Piping

    Hello. I had a wood stove installed a few years ago. The stove is a Quadra-Fire Explorer II. When I was inspecting the wood stove earlier this year, I noticed a significant amount of surface rust on the bottom back of the stove. I didn't understand why there was so much surface rust build...
  4. eastcoastcanada

    Wood stove purchase help

    Hi, I'm new here and I hope to gain some insite on wood burning stoves before my purchase. I read many threads but I'm not sure if I'm completely understanding the information and some threads are old and dead. I have a 10 year old 2200 sf split entrance bungalow with all electric heat. I'm...
  5. grendel336

    Control Board Getting Fried - Quadrafire Castille Insert

    After my 10 year old pellet stove sat unplugged for the summer, I plugged it in to use it for first time this season. Quadrafire stoves run through a "startup routine" when you first plug them in, but before you call for heat. Takes about 20 minutes. During that "startup routine" the control...
  6. B

    Quadrafire 1200i Has no Power

    I have a Quadrafire 1200i, A few days ago I replaced the exhaust fan as it had died and was not triggering the vacuum sensor any more. The stove worked great for about 3 days (Quieter than the old dying fan to). I came home from work this morning and now there is no power to ANYTHING on the...
  7. S

    Quadrafire Castille won't run

    I've got an older Castille that's giving me some issues. Ran fine last year after I gave it a solid cleaning. Right now, this is what it's doing: (cleaning has been done) 1)Set the thermostat for heat. 2)Exhaust blower comes on. 3)Auger turns on, deposits some pellets in the burn pot...
  8. webfish

    My journey from Zero Clearance to freestanding wood stove.

    Warning: Long post with pictures. When I started here in late 2013. I had a zero clearance Heat n Glo that was in the house. It never did heat. I have a geothermal system but in Minnesota we get some cold stretches. I hated if the electric supplement would turn on. Ran constantly and barely...
  9. Jonkman

    Best way to clean vent pipe on my setup? Proper off season procedure?

    Hi So I am done with my first season, am I am not sure the best (and easiest) way to clean my vent pipe (see attached photo). I have a Quadrafire Castile Insert that is vented up through our roof. Should I go on the roof and run a brush down? (what kind, I was think of one of the spinning ones...
  10. M

    How do I replace fuse in Quadrafire Castile

    Hi! I was working on my quadrafire Castile this morning and cleaned the ash out and while pulling the ash holder out it caught the wires and caused them to arc. Fixed the wires but stove won't turn on. Figure it blew the fuse but don't know how to change it out. Any help would be great!
  11. M

    Help Identifying Mystery Part Broken on Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

    Hello All!! Please look at the photos and help to identify this broken part, and how to get a replacement. We were attempting to replace the feed motor on our older model Quadrafire Mt. Vernon Stove, a task we had accomplished successfully in the past, when an electrical connection, which...
  12. W

    New insert using a stove thermometer question

    Hello I recently had a quadrafire 3100I insert installed. It puts out a decent amount of heat and does a decent job of heating the hearth room, living room, and the kitchen if I use the blower on it. Anyways I have a question. I think I'm a good judge of getting the burn rate and temperature...
  13. G

    Quadrafire 7100 - additional zones worth it?

    We're closing in on purchasing a 7100. One of the intriguing features is the additional ports for additional zones/rooms to be added. Due to our 2 story vaulted ceiling where the 7100 is planned to be located, I have a strong suspicion that our other 1st floor rooms will need some additional...
  14. S

    Repair or Replace? With what?

    Here is the issue. I have a Whitfield Advantage II insert. It is nearly 25 years old and has run without fail, year in and year out. I have never had to do anything to it except clean it, and once when my son was about 4 (he is 22 now), put his hot wheels car in the pellets, I had to unplug...
  15. J

    Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 not feeding

    Hello everyone. I've read just about every article on here regarding the Classic Bay 1200 not feeding and need help. This weekend my hopper ran out of pellets, I added pellets a few minutes after it ran out. I noticed the call light was still on but the auger wasn't feeding. This is what I've...
  16. Jonkman

    Dumb question...ash pan gasket on a Castile insert ?

    Hi I was watching another thread ($10 OAK install) and the poster (Dwig) had taped his ash pan shut on his castile to stop air flow so the OAK is more efficient. I just installed an OAK for my castile insert and then saw his post...
  17. Jonkman

    My Summer project completed...Quadrafire Castile Insert in my stairwell

    I'm new to this forum, found it about a month ago, and I've gotten some great information from it and I'm sure I will in the future as issues arise (hopefully not to many). I had kind of a fun project this past summer and fall that I want to share, because I'm the only one I know that has a...