New insert using a stove thermometer question

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Jan 12, 2016
Somewhere cold !
I recently had a quadrafire 3100I insert installed. It puts out a decent amount of heat and does a decent job of heating the hearth room, living room, and the kitchen if I use the blower on it. Anyways I have a question.

I think I'm a good judge of getting the burn rate and temperature just right based on burn pattern and heat output but I was thinking of picking up a stove thermometer.

Are these worth it ? And can you use it on an insert ? The 3100 insert is a bay design and sticks out roughly 6 inches. I was thinking of attaching the thermometer to the top part that's sticking out above the glass door. Would this be an accurate location? Being an insert I can't attach it to the stove pipe for obvious reasons.

Thanks !

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