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  1. T

    Whitfield Profile 20-2 burning through pellets too fast

    Hello all, new to the page and relatively novice when it comes to pellet stoves. I purchased my home about 6 years ago, and it has has a Whitfield Profile 20-2 in the basement living room since I bought it. Old homeowner showed me how to run it and it worked fine for the first two winters. Then...
  2. J

    vermont castings intrepid flexburn trouble controlling burn

    I am having trouble controlling the burn of my VC intrepid. I opted not to get the cat and have it installed with stainless liner in two story chimney. Starting end of the season last year I was often unable to control the burn using the air control. The damper will be closed and the air...
  3. S

    One week impressions and questions - Englander/Summers Heat 55-SHP22 / PDV-25

    Hey All, New guy here. Just installed an Englander pdv-25 (version from lowes) and have run about 6 or 7 bags so far. I'm located in Northern NJ 1100' ASL and installed using the 3" duravent system with 6' vertical, 1' horizontal. (Adapter to tee, 6' of pipe, 1' horiz and then end cap through...
  4. cbscout

    Ash Burn Rate

    Hi, I just put in my new PE insert and ordered 6 face cord of ash. It's below 20% moisture content and I brought a few armfuls home prior to his delivery. Burns great, nice and hot. I have been continuing to try to find more wood, with decent seasoning. Just wondered, how fast does ash burn in...
  5. N

    King 5502m Just bought Info

    Just bought a new King 5502m for my shop. I’ve ran it on HR 3-4 on auto. Seems to burn through pellets quick about 2 bags ever 24 hours. I have the air kit and my pipe is a T to 3’ to 90 then 1’ through wall. Wonder what I should have all the setting at to dial it in a little better. Using TSC...
  6. M

    Whitfield burn time question?

    Hi all. I have a nice cascade I rebuilt, new everything and it's cleaned perfectly. It's running nice, but I dont seem to be getting anywhere near the burn time as advertised in the manufacturer specs. Mine is a 1995 model, and everything is new in the stove other than the control board and...
  7. W

    New insert using a stove thermometer question

    Hello I recently had a quadrafire 3100I insert installed. It puts out a decent amount of heat and does a decent job of heating the hearth room, living room, and the kitchen if I use the blower on it. Anyways I have a question. I think I'm a good judge of getting the burn rate and temperature...