Whitfield burn time question?

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Oct 18, 2009
Hi all. I have a nice cascade I rebuilt, new everything and it's cleaned perfectly. It's running nice, but I dont seem to be getting anywhere near the burn time as advertised in the manufacturer specs. Mine is a 1995 model, and everything is new in the stove other than the control board and actual auger. I seem to only be getting 20 hours of burn time on a full load (60lbs). That's on low with the fuel trim all the way down. Manufacturer specs call for up to 40 hours. I am only buying tractor supply hardwoods or HD firesides, but I can't believe the difference is that much. Also, I have timed the auger time off and on and it seems to be very close to spec (like maybe even below spec mwaning it should be feeding less pellets). Are the burn times just that over stated by the manufacturer or are there any issues I'm overlooking?. I'm getting plenty of heat, was just hoping to turn it down a little more during the warmer days instead of shutting it off. Almost thinking I should replace the control board, but it seems to be running so well.
Actual size of the pellets may be the issue here ... smaller pellets will feed faster than longer ones. Some stoves have manual restrictor plates to reduce pellet feed so may be a modification that you could make.
So you think the quality/size would make that big of impact, interesting. I'll try some higher quality pellets to see if that works. But the restrictor plate probably sounds more reasonable. The auger seems to spin so smoothly now, I'm wondering if it's just getting a smidge more rotation per motor engagement. I'm assuming the restrictor plate mid would be made some where in the shaft tube.

I have to say that while I considered getting a new harman, I am so happy with this stove. It is 7 degrees here today and my 1600 L-shaped ranch is heated to 68 with thw stove in low and the fuel trim at the midway point!!!!
It is 7 degrees here today and my 1600 L-shaped ranch is heated to 68 with thw stove in low and the fuel trim at the midway point!!!!
Maybe you don't want to add a restrictor plate! Usually the plate is in the bottom of the hopper just above the auger. May want to check a couple of different stoves that have restrictors to see what you can devise.
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