Pellet blower shuts down

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my quadrafire mount Vernon e2 pellet stove convection blower works for 20 min then jams up?

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New Member
Dec 15, 2018
Milford ,PA
First time posting great site and suggestions wanted advice on my 4yr old Mount Vernon e2 pellet stove after first winter firings the convention blower stops working after 20 minutes and starts making a loud humming noise and stove over heats and goes in a shutdown any ideas on the blower issue ? The stove is fully serviced and cleaned but same results ? Should I get a new blower or is it something else ? Thanks


  • Pellet blower shuts down
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Take it out and inspect it. Clean (blow out motor with compressed air) and lube the shaft bearings/bushings. Make a test cord and plug it into the outlet and see if it still shuts down. If it does buy a new one.
I just finished throughly cleaning and blowing out best I can , cannot dissemble the motor half the whole unit being held by a nut but it doesn't turn ?
Any suggestions how to take this apart ?
Ok so I finally removed the blower out and totally disassembled it lubed all internals , blew out all dust balls and reassembled put back in stove and prayed and when kicked in made some noise but stayed on and is actually working better than ever for now.
Thanks for the help
First time for everything
;) It may be worn out if it’s making noise, but its working now so be prepared for a replacement down the road. Glad your up and running
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Yes thanks , I'm keeping a close eye on it , I did notice when it slows down its louder than full speed , I'm expecting a new one down the road but I know more now than I did before
I would be purchasing a new one for backup, so you are not left hanging. kap
Ok so everyday this motor is getting louder and louder it's hard to sleep now but it's actually working is there anything I can do it ? For the sound or also for lubbing up again I originally used a greasing spray .
And also if I buy and new blower can I hook up a Whitefield blower to mine it's better than the original with the closed housing if not any suggestions would be appreciated.
What do you mean better? More cfm? Stick with the same specs that are on your old motor. The chace you take is the “better” motor may take more amps than your board can deliver and then your buying a new board and another motor. Im not against modifications,but you really need to understand its an experiment building a frankenstove and probably should be done on one you don’t need to heat you home.
blower officially died last night and fixing it did nothing now shopping around for a new blower but want to put a better one meaning closed housing for less debris built up ,Any suggestions that I should go by ?worst case I can always order the same one .
Personally i like the open frame better. Easyer to clean and lube. Usually they are not as noisy. But a framed motor seams to have more torque than the other. Just some of my observations with the ones ive messed with
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