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  1. T

    Quadra fire Castile insert magnet for convection blower

    My convection room blower doesn’t seem to sit right and is vibrating. I see the magnet in the bottom of the bracket. But when I take the magnet out it doesn’t seem to stick to the bottom of the blower feet. And do you remove the rubber grommets when you install the blower fan in an insert...
  2. lassygenevra

    Convection blower on pellet stove not turning on.

    We have a 2017 pdvc Englander Pellet Stove. Brand new freshly installed as of September 2018. This fall we cleaned out the whole thing to get it ready for winter use. And it worked fine until 2 weeks ago. It had an issue with shutting off, and the convection blower not working. Trimming the...
  3. joescho

    Help with Mt Vernon Insert

    Hello Everyone: I've been reading up on what everyone has been doing and I hope all of you are well. I have a Mt Vernon AE (2009 ish) insert that is now suddenly acting weird and doesn't follow any of the symptoms and problems I have seen. It would seem that the stove starts up, feeds pellets...
  4. J

    Convection Blower Castille pellet stove

    Happy New Years everyone! I am trying to help my mom with her pellet stove, for what I can tell the convection blower is not working. Could anyone tell me how much I could expect someone to charge it for labor and parts? I am just asking for a ballpark number so I can make plans. Is it...
  5. U

    Napoleon NPS40 convection blower turning on and off

    The convection blower on our Napoleon stove turns on and off while the stove is running, even though the blower dial is set to 3 or 4. It will stay off for several minutes, and then will come on for several minutes. We have thoroughly cleaned EVERYTHING, and it has a new ignition switch...
  6. Noochie74

    Pellet blower shuts down

    First time posting great site and suggestions wanted advice on my 4yr old Mount Vernon e2 pellet stove after first winter firings the convention blower stops working after 20 minutes and starts making a loud humming noise and stove over heats and goes in a shutdown any ideas on the blower issue...
  7. Sm1ley

    Englander 25-pdv convection hum, how common is this?

    I bought a factory refurbished Englander/ Summer's Heat 25-pdv in September. I went with it because it was the most reasonably priced appliance that still worked with an external/ wifi thermostat. For the most part, it has been pretty solid and I'm pretty happy with it as I am nearing the end of...
  8. D

    Room air fan (convection blower) cycling. Normal?

    Hi Everybody! Thanks in advance for helping out and answering my questions. I bought a Regency Greenfire 55 Insert last year and this is the 2nd winter running it. I was using pellets that seemed to be running good. Someone gave me some extra pellets since they were moving. The pellets are...