Convection Blower Castille pellet stove

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Hearth Supporter
Jan 10, 2008
HUdson Valley NY
Happy New Years everyone!

I am trying to help my mom with her pellet stove, for what I can tell the convection blower is not working. Could anyone tell me how much I could expect someone to charge it for labor and parts? I am just asking for a ballpark number so I can make plans. Is it better if I can buy the part, and if yes, any suggestions of were I could get it from?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

Lots of places to buy one on internet. Just search for castile stove convection blower. Basically $100 and free shipping. Loosen 4 screws, drop fan housing down, unplug two wires after removing side panel and swap it out. Pretty simple, just make sure its unplugged.

However, there could be other issues contributing to fan issues, such as a bad snap disk or control board. But if fan spins roughly it could have bad bearings as they dont last forever.

We can help diagnose further if needed depending on your interest. As far as labor cost I have no idea.

Guessing an hour total time if you haven't done it before.
I would try jumping the two purple wires together, that go to the #1 snap disc, which should be on the right side of stove,to see if conv fan works. Be careful as there is power to it all the time. You should be able to use the owners manual to locate the disc, or download one off the internet. The #1 snap disc is for the conv. fan only. It could be bad, or just bad connections on the spade connectors. kap
I just replaced mine back in October last year after 12 seasons,it still worked but made this very annoying whining noise so I said that's IT! Got this unit from Mountain View Hearth Products. Works perfect. Part # 812-4900 $ 202.00 plus shipping. From Mountain View Hearth Products. Bought online without a hitch, I trust my Montana neighbors.
Convection Blower Castille pellet stove