Englander 25-pdv convection hum, how common is this?

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Dec 13, 2018
Western Colorado
I bought a factory refurbished Englander/ Summer's Heat 25-pdv in September. I went with it because it was the most reasonably priced appliance that still worked with an external/ wifi thermostat. For the most part, it has been pretty solid and I'm pretty happy with it as I am nearing the end of my first ton without any issues I couldn't handle.

I had it professionally installed. it would have cost me his install rate if I bought the exhaust pipe off the internet and done it myself. After the tech fired it up the first time, it was pretty apparent by him and myself that exhaust blower was too loud. I recorded it, sent it to Englander and they replaced it.

The problem I have been having is that the convection blower randomly hums on '5'. I called ESW about an issue with the igniter not being aligned, and mentioned this to Mike. He said he had never heard of that and that if I sent a video it will get a response.

After the call, I decided to tighten every bolt I could find. That helped get the humming limited to only '5' as it used to hum on '7'.

So my question is: how common is this?

It works fine on all the other settings, but '5'. It kinda bums me out as at '5', it makes the right amount of heat to cover the cold temperatures at night here, but not make too much ambient noise as this in my living room.

I'm also asking if I should be pushing this issue with Englander, as the stove is under warranty and it has been four weeks since I emailed them. Part of me thinks, its 95% awesome, let it go, but the other part thinks I should get 100% as it came with a factory warranty on all parts for 12 months and was sold as good as new.

Honestly, the hum comes and goes. It doesn't seen to be related to the room temperature or the the outdoor temperature. I just wish I had speed '5', as skipping from '4' to '6' makes me feel like I'm missing something.
I would check the gasket between the convection blower housing and the stove, you might be getting harmonic noise from the blower. adding a thicker silicone gasket may help
Mine hums periodically, I just ignore it. Been almost 10 years and it keeps chugging.

My Harmon XXV hummed like that. The Distribution Blower had 2 screws impacting the fan housing. It would do it only on high at 1st. Then all the time. Between RTV Silicon and shorter screws it's gone now except when stone cold and that hum is nothing like before. I was sure it was motor bearings. So sure had them order fan and I ordered fan (too slow 16 day dealer response).
^ That is really insightful. I'll try to silicon the gasket and change out the screws.Thankfully, it is only limited to one setting.
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Screws were a no go. I emailed Englander and mentioned this post. I didn't get a reply.

Amazingly, a box was at my door a week ago. It was an Englander Convection blower. I just put it in during my cleaning, NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE!

My stove now just sounds like air movement and the augers turning. No weird hums or weird whistles. I'm crazy happy with this thing :)

I would definitely buy and recommend an Englander to anyone.
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