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  1. N

    VC Vigilant 1977 loading and horizontal burn operation

    Stove came with the house I just purchased. Unknown when the stove was last rebuilt, but the ash fettle was stamped with a 1983 date. I've searched the forum and haven't found any information regarding my first 2 questions below. is there a particular way this stove should be loaded? i have...
  2. Kobo

    Breckwell P4000 blower issue

    Greetings one and all. About 9 years ago we purchased a new Breckwell P4000 'Classic Vermont' pellet stove and, overall, it has worked fine. I do have to remove the two blowers each winter to not only clean out the dust and/or ash from each of them but also lubricate the bearings which started...
  3. N

    Purchasing Help Please

    I'm having a really hard time deciding which wood stove to buy. I am replacing an old insert with a free standing unit. It needs to have a rear facing flue, and fit within 28 1/2ish high X 35 wide. I have looked at the Vermont Castings Encore Flexburn but decided against it due to some things I...