Wood Insert without door

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New Member
Nov 28, 2023
Warwick, RI
I'm looking for a wood burning insert that has an open hearth, without a door. I just want a mesh curtain.

Does this exist?

If, not, my firebox is missing a damper. Any chance of putting a damper back in to an existing box?
Can you clarify? Is this a masonry fireplace? Some inserts have a screen accessory for an open fire.

Post a picture of the existing setup if possible.
it's a standard brick fireplace. I would need an insert, not a fireplace. See pics.

2023-11-28 19.36.00.jpg 2023-11-28 19.36.32.jpg 2023-11-28 19.36.46.jpg 2023-11-28 19.36.57.jpg 07923ce507e7c9d0316af06c0eeecbce-uncropped_scaled_within_1536_1152.jpg
Some Osburn and Drolet inserts have a screen option. Which one would depend on what fits. Here's an example. Look under Accessories for the screen option.

Do you want an insert or a fireplace? What shape is the chimney and clay liner in?
Is that a 6in liner already installed all the way up? I would find something that has a screen option. The stove itself will have a damper. Looks like someone broke the fireplace damper out to fit the liner thats in there.
Must be a new to you home and the previous owner had an insert in the fireplace. As it stands that thing is leaking all your heated air out and up the chimney. If you do not want an insert I would pull the liner up and out of the chimney and get a balloon device to stop the drafting that is currently going on till you can figure out what you want to do about the damper, you could have a new one made but will take time.