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  1. wheelerlabs

    Wood Insert without door

    I'm looking for a wood burning insert that has an open hearth, without a door. I just want a mesh curtain. Does this exist? If, not, my firebox is missing a damper. Any chance of putting a damper back in to an existing box?
  2. W

    Fixing/Maintaining Lopi Freedom Bay

    Hi, all! First post here. A few years ago, we moved into a home that was previously owned by a big wood burning stove aficionado. We have a forced air furnace, and do not rely on the stove for primary heat. However, we have a ton of seasoned wood, as we live against some forest (I split and...
  3. J

    MF Fire Nova 2 Insert - A few questions on a new build

    Wife wants something that looks as much like a fireplace as possible and I was something that throws off some heat, and the new 26% rebates makes using a stove more enticing since I can write off 26% of the stove, chimney and installation cost. If I insert a Nova 2 Insert into a new...
  4. Bushels20

    Summit Insert LE/2020

    I finally have the better half talked in to it! Now the real research begins. I already know it will fit. Step 1 complete (and has been for a while), I didn't want to get myself too excited only to be let down. Wondering what PE did to modify the Summit Insert to make it 2020 compliant. I...
  5. cbscout

    Fireplace Insert Make, Model and Size

    I am in the process of deciding what insert to buy. What are your opinions on the companies - which have the best quality inserts? i.e. Vermont Castings vs. Quadra-Fire vs. Jotul vs. Napoleon vs. etc... We have a ranch that totals 1228 sq ft. The main area that will be heated is about 500...
  6. S

    Fireplace Insert Blower Blowing Smoke

    I am new to wood burning heat this winter. I had a Fireplace Xtrordinair (Travis) Large Flush mounted wood burning fireplace insert installed in September. I've had a few issues with it over the winter, first being that the catalytic combuster fell out into the firebox in the middle of a...
  7. F

    Converting Wood to Gas/Heat & Glo Recommendations

    We are looking at converting our wood burning fireplace over to gas. We have looked at the direct vent gas inserts and fireplaces by Heat & Glo. What would be the better way to go, Heat & Glo Direct Vent Gas Inserts or the Heat and Glo Direct Vent 6000CLX?
  8. BeachBumm

    Insert or Free Standing?

    In my quest to purchase my 'last wood stove' I saw the Blaze King Ashford 25 insert & the Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 insert. The concept is good, as they don't take up much space, but they seem a little low (bending over to load), and I wonder how well they actually heat without the fan...
  9. W

    Logistics of adding a wood stove in basement

    I live in a townhouse with a wood burning fireplace. In the basement, there is a recessed area (directly below the fireplace which is one the main level). We have a wood stove that were looking to put into the main level fireplace; however, I'm wondering if it's possible to add a wood stove...
  10. L

    New home construction: wood-burning insert confusion

    I have searched through these forums and I'm not finding much info on the particular models I've been pricing. I am so overwhelmed and afraid of making a decision I will regret. I hope someone can help. We are in the process of building our first home and are putting in a fireplace. In our...
  11. H

    Need sage advice in selecting the right wood insert

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to woodstoves. I actually grew up in homes heated by wood stoves but never had to choose which one was installed. I've lived in an apartment heated solely by a Morso-style wood stove so I do have basics of how to make a fire keep going in an efficient stove...
  12. D

    Drolet 1800i or Century CW2900... same fireplace?

    So I'm looking for a budget fireplace with a little kick, enough to heat a 1600sq ft floor, and I've come across 2 finalists. They are the Drolet 1800i and the Century CW2900. The thing is they seem pretty much identical. They are even made by the same parent company. Is one brand "better"...
  13. D

    Wood Insert: Century Heating CW2500 VS. Century CW2900 VS. Colonial by Vogelzang

    Hey guys, I've been high and low looking for budget fireplaces. I've came across 2 that I can find fairly reasonable. They are the "Century Heating CW2500" and the "Colonial by Vogelzang". Century Heating CW2500 - $750 delivered (LINK) or Colonial by Vogelzang - $1100 shipped (LINK) Both...
  14. L

    Best burn times of select inserts

    Hello, I am going to buy a new insert this week and am having a hard time deciding on which one to buy. I have a two story house 1800 sq ft which i would like to heat most of it with an insert. I have to go with a flush mount for two reasons the wife and the Hearth is to small and the room is...
  15. B

    Wood Insert Questions

    I have a heatilator hb42a woodburning fireplace in the house we just bought. We would like to get some suggestions on possibly putting in a wood insert in it. Is this even possible? There's only 1 guy in our area that installs inserts and he suggested putting in gas. We don't really want...
  16. N

    Pellet Insert for Heatilator A36C

    Hi All, I am new to owning a fireplace (first time living in a cold climate!). I have purchased a house which has a Heatilator A36C Wood Burning fireplace (which I belive is called a zero clearance fireplace). I'd like to switch to a pellet insert. I am struggeling to deal with our local...