Wood Insert Questions

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Nov 30, 2015
I have a heatilator hb42a woodburning fireplace in the house we just bought. We would like to get some suggestions on possibly putting in a wood insert in it. Is this even possible? There's only 1 guy in our area that installs inserts and he suggested putting in gas. We don't really want gas.

Or is there anything on the market to just pull the existing fireplace out and reframe the opening for something more efficient. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am new to this and trying to learn what my options are. Thanks in advance!
Pulling out and replacing the fireplace with a modern, EPA fireplace is an option. There are some nice choices. This would also require replacing the chimney system. A second option would be to remove the insert and create an alcove for a close clearance freestanding wood stove there. That also would need a chimney replacement. Another option would be to extend the hearth and put a rear-venting freestanding stove on the hearth in front of the fireplace tied to a stainless liner going up the full length of the chimney to the top.
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