Summit Insert LE/2020

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Feeling the Heat
May 20, 2018
I finally have the better half talked in to it!

Now the real research begins. I already know it will fit. Step 1 complete (and has been for a while), I didn't want to get myself too excited only to be let down.

Wondering what PE did to modify the Summit Insert to make it 2020 compliant. I have done some reading on their website as well as threads on here. I’m struggling to find what exactly was changed from one unit to the next to make it 2020 compliant.

PE makes it very clear that they do not believe it Cats, so I know they did not add a Cat of any sort to any of their units like some other manufacturers.

One thing mentioned in some threads on here is that chimney draft due to the new standards and the way the units (assuming not just PE) could become an issue.

Ultimately, I’m making the decision to buy the tested and true (what I think is the “D”) model, or the new “LE”. Excuse any misnaming, I’m just starting the intense research. I may have the model types off. Please correct me if so so I can make sure I reference them correctly.

Look forward to any thoughts.
Most of what you will hear is speculation. That's covered in this thread:

Tom Oyen at the Chimney Sweep has been selling some LE models this year and probably has the most info on changes and burning in them as compared to the pre-2020 models. He reported that people are happy with them so far.
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