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  1. Bushels20

    Summit Insert LE/2020

    I finally have the better half talked in to it! Now the real research begins. I already know it will fit. Step 1 complete (and has been for a while), I didn't want to get myself too excited only to be let down. Wondering what PE did to modify the Summit Insert to make it 2020 compliant. I...
  2. Y

    With new EPA standards in 2020, should I wait to buy?

    Greetings! My wife and I are looking to buy a wood insert for our fireplace, but are in no great rush. Should we hold out until the fall of 2019 in anticipation that the new emissions standards might lead to lower prices on current stoves? Any sense of how market prices will respond? I've read...
  3. Jacklumber

    Why do some wood stove or fireplaces below 2.0 g/h not meet EPA 2020?

    I had thought that FireplaceXtrordinair 42 Apex model advertised as being 0.7 g/h would have been compliant with the EPA 2020 particulate emissions standards. However, it states in the 42 Apex manual: "Certified to comply with 2015 particulate emissions standards. Not approved for sale after...