pacific energy summit

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  1. R

    Pacific Energy Super Insert - One year in

    Hello there! About a year ago I had a new Pacific Energy Super insert installed. Honestly, I had almost no idea what I was doing other than the fact that I love fire, fireplaces, stoves etc and my father has an older (late 90s something) Vermont Castings catalytic stove insert which he loves...
  2. E

    Outside Air for Pacific Summit LE Insert

    Hi all, I'm a newbie and have been reading through the very useful information here. Thank you! I've narrowed down my choice of insert to the Pacific Energy Summit LE insert. When talking to the dealer this weekend, he happened to mention that this model doesn't have an option to pull outside...
  3. S

    Building hearth for PE Summit

    I am having a PE Summit install in November. I have some questions after researching the forums. Company who sold me the stove told me I need two layer of Micore 300. In my area I can only find Hardiebacker cement board and not Durock. Will Hardiebacker cement board be ok? On top of my two...
  4. Bushels20

    Summit Insert LE/2020

    I finally have the better half talked in to it! Now the real research begins. I already know it will fit. Step 1 complete (and has been for a while), I didn't want to get myself too excited only to be let down. Wondering what PE did to modify the Summit Insert to make it 2020 compliant. I...
  5. J

    Napoleon S Series - New Home

    Hello! We're building a new home in south-east Ontario. We've been doing a lot of research on various options, and we think we have it narrowed down between the Napoleon S9, the Enviro 2100, and the Pacific Energy Summit. The stove will be installed into the basement to heat a 1100sq ft main...