How to light an anthrcite fire while keeping the flue hot

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New Member
Jan 13, 2021
Hi all,
I got my first stove installed a few weeks ago, it's an Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen. I have been experimenting with the best fuel that is officially supported by my stove and manufacturer. I find anthrcite ovoids to provide the best heat and duration. Kiln logs burn through at a crazy rate. My question is, what's the best way of starting a fire to burn antracite, while keeping the flue hot to maintain a healthy draw? My installer told me that "the rule of thumb is, a hot flue provides the best draw", or something like that.

I've been experimenting by starting to get the flue hot by using a fire lighter and a small amount of kindling, with both the top and bottom air inlets open. Once this has started to die down, I add about double the kindling as before. This usually gets the flue to around 100*C. Then I'll add a small, kiln dried log to keep the flame, and start adding some ovoids around it. I now close the top air inlet (which in this model doesn't actually fully close and remains about half open at all times by design). However, I can't find a method where the flue temp doesn't begin to drop, sometimes by about half, by the time the ovoids start to burn hot.

What is the best method to get anthracite to burn, while maintaining the flue heat?
Why are you so concerned about the low flue temps? As long as it’s still drawing, and not starting to down draft you’ll be fine.
My flues get pretty cool before most reloads. I try to burn in complete cycles.