Wood Burning Fireplace - Small broken Piece of Clay Flue Liner - Need a New Liner?

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New Member
Dec 17, 2020
New Jersey

Just had my wood burning fireplace cleaned/swept. First time cleaned in a number of years. During the cleaning, a small piece a clay flue liner section (broke off) and came down. The piece fell from a section that is about 8' or so above the smoke chamber, so not reachable from either direction. The rest of the flue appears to be in working condition. The sweeping company, who does not do repair work, recommended a new liner. I would imagine that they almost always recommend a new liner on older houses as a CYA. However, i do understand the importance of an intact flue.

My question is, is this small piece that has broken off enough to warrant needing a new liner and the fireplace should not be used until this has been performed? My guess is that this is an issue, but looking for more input.

I tried to get a pic of the location and of the broken piece - see attached.

Any suggestions/thoughts would be welcome.

IMG_1321.jpg IMG_1319.jpg IMG_1318.jpg IMG_1317.jpg