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  1. J

    Repairing cracked baseplate

    I have a Jotul f118 wood stove and noticed a crack in the baseplate when we were getting ready to start burning. The crack is about halfway back and goes almost the full width (see pictures). I have a couple questions with addressing this issue: 1. Is the stove structurally compromised? (i.e...
  2. Maine_Cat

    Inherited Stove with internal crack

    Greetings from Maine!! First time posting. I bought my first house about three years ago, first year we didn't fire up the woodstove it came with (Regency F3100L). In the two years we have used it, I've never exceeded 550F. Second year I noticed extensive wear on the inside right above the door...
  3. C

    Weso Renaissance Cracked Firebox

    Hi. I'm currently buying a house that has a Weso Renaissance stove in it. When I opened it up I noticed a crack in the back panel (See photo). It doesn't appear to go through to the exterior, however the rear of the stove is difficult to see. I am new to wood stoves and am curious if this crack...
  4. B

    Wood Burning Fireplace - Small broken Piece of Clay Flue Liner - Need a New Liner?

    Hi, Just had my wood burning fireplace cleaned/swept. First time cleaned in a number of years. During the cleaning, a small piece a clay flue liner section (broke off) and came down. The piece fell from a section that is about 8' or so above the smoke chamber, so not reachable from either...
  5. S

    Regency 3100 Wood Stove Insert

    I have a Regency wood stove fireplace insert that is about 10 years old. It was installed with a liner which I clean regularly. Performance has been very good but this year the stove burns hot even when the draft control is closed completely. I cleaned the flue and replaced the door gasket and...
  6. S

    Stove Kettle

    So I purchased 2 used ceramic coated kettles and have had issues with both and sent them back. The first one had a pin hole at the bottom and the 2nd had what looked like a patch on the inside over a crack. The patch held but began to somehow pull through the crack over a few weeks. Is this a...
  7. C

    Jotul 8 - front grill not fitting?

    Hi folks, just picked up a second one of these.. my first is in my home and we love it. This is the original with the spin draft on the front. The second one we just purchased for my parents home and it was even cleaner than the one we got, but there is an issue. When I put the log/ash...
  8. VirginiaIron

    What have you done to your stove/chimney today?

    I checked the top of the stove for straightness and cleaned out the firebox and gave my stove a thorough inspection from the outside while checking seams and welds. From the inside via the firebox and the throat, I checked welds, looked for corrosion, and assessed the condition of the baffle. I...
  9. M

    Vintage Morso 6b Wood Stove

    Hi all, this will be my first post on this site, so hope all goes well. I've been in the wood heating game since I was born. My family heated (and still do) with wood as our primary and only source of heat, no backup. So, naturally I've decided to heat with wood myself and I have a wood...
  10. All work and no play.

    All work and no play.

    I was so excited. This photo was taken about ten minutes before I dropped it.
  11. All work and no play.

    All work and no play.

    preparing crack for repair.
  12. R

    Slate hearth cracked - advice please?

    Hi folks - first time poster. Hoping you can help me. We recently had a 4kw wood burning stove installed. The stove sits on top of a single piece of slate that measures 1100 wide x 800 deep x 20mm thick. Underneath the hearth stone there is a section of floorboards cut out, so a recess which a...