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  1. L

    Questions about prefab fireplace removal

    Hello, I had a prefab fireplace removed. The flue pipe was left in and the chase cover at the top closed off the chimney. There was a bottom vent left there. I noticed some water on the underside of the fire stop. Is it recommended to close off the vent here? To stop the flow of cold air...
  2. H

    Chemical condensation on our windows... Kind of worried

    Hi there! This is my first post on the forum, glad to have discoverd it! So we moved into a rental house, our living room has an insert wood stove. It's an old Deville. After having some work with gasket tape it's still a bit leaky from the door, but it gives of good heath now. A blessing to...
  3. zmildrum

    Water in Attic When Burning

    Hi everyone, Last year I got a Regency 500 which I burn basically 24/7. I absolutely love it and am slowing building up my 3 year supply of wood. With that said, I have no intentions of not burning wood in the winter. However, something odd happens in my attic that is quite worrisome. When I...
  4. S

    Wood stove pipe keeps leaking!

    Our wood stove has been leaking dark liquid for a while. We thought it was because of the pipe that was installed last year was not installed properly, so we had someone else install a new better quality pipe today and it is still leaking!
  5. C

    Condensation on Wood Stove / Outside Air Piping

    Hello. I had a wood stove installed a few years ago. The stove is a Quadra-Fire Explorer II. When I was inspecting the wood stove earlier this year, I noticed a significant amount of surface rust on the bottom back of the stove. I didn't understand why there was so much surface rust build...