How much slack do I need for PelletVent Pro flex pipe?

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Sep 2, 2019
Washington state

I am planning to use PelletVent Pro flexible pipe to connect rigid liner to a pellet stove-insert exhuast. The masonary chimney height is 12 feet from hearth to the flue vent. A straight passage of 8' 2" from flue vent to top edge of the damper.

PelletVent Pro install instruction reads: "Lower it (rigid liner) below its normal position in order to connect the Flex Pipe to the pipe on the appliance. It may be necessary to tie a line to the top section, to pull it back up later."

It seems that after installing flex pipe, if I raise the rigid liner taut, I would not have sufficient slack to move stove insert for routine cleaning. Should I leave sufficient slack in the flex liner so I can move the stove without having to raise/lower the rigid liner? I am concerned if this slack would impair the draft.

Thank you.
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Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
I do not have an insert and never installed one but the way I see it
(I may be way off in left field) you lower the liner for ease of flex liner
installation you need enough liner with the top in place to slide stove
out of fireplace for maintenance and repairs Hope this makes sense.


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May 5, 2017
Miller MO
What kind of insert? Unless it’s a Harman or one of the few other stoves that uses the frame and rail system, I would leave about a foot of slop in it.