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  1. S

    Winslow PI40 Flex liner adapter

    The 3” pipe adapter (stove to flex pipe adapter) that came with my kit was not the right size for the Winslow PI40. I made it work with a crimping tool and a lot of high temp sealant but I am going to be removing it to clean the pipe and wanted to get an adapter that will fit better. Do any PI40...
  2. K

    How much slack do I need for PelletVent Pro flex pipe?

    Hello, I am planning to use PelletVent Pro flexible pipe to connect rigid liner to a pellet stove-insert exhuast. The masonary chimney height is 12 feet from hearth to the flue vent. A straight passage of 8' 2" from flue vent to top edge of the damper. PelletVent Pro install instruction reads...
  3. KennyK

    Will a pre-insulated 6 inch liner fit in 9x9 flue, and a few other things?

    Hi all, I'm back here at this great forum after many years, still trying to make the dream happen (more on that later). The short version of this post are the following two questions: 1) Will a pre-insulated (half-inch insulation) 6 inch liner fit (with relative ease) down a 9 inch x 9 inch...
  4. VirginiaIron

    Olympia Heavy Flex Liner Connection

    Greetings on this beautiful day. I need help, please. I believe that my liner is called ArmorFlex ( http://www.woodlanddirect.com/Chimney/Champion-HeavyFlex-304L-Chimney-Liner-Kits/304L-Champion-Heavy-Flex-Chimney-Liner-Kit-6) I cut my liner with a metal cutting wheel and it appears my "T" will...