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    Do I need to additional insulation to PelletVent Pro rigid liner?

    Hi, Update 9/6/19 : I called Duravent; their associate told me that PelletVent Pro does not need additional insulation. He also mentioned that liner extending 1, or 2 feet above the masonry chimney should not impair the function of the liner. Original post: A first-time installer. The house...
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    How much slack do I need for PelletVent Pro flex pipe?

    Hello, I am planning to use PelletVent Pro flexible pipe to connect rigid liner to a pellet stove-insert exhuast. The masonary chimney height is 12 feet from hearth to the flue vent. A straight passage of 8' 2" from flue vent to top edge of the damper. PelletVent Pro install instruction reads...