masonary chimney

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    No liner masonry fireplace with freestanding wood stove

    Hello, I have review so many threads and could not find an answer to my question. I am attempting to install a freestanding wood stove (VC Aspen) into masonry fireplace. However when I went to install the liner I could not get it by the smoke chamber it would not go. The smoke chamber is...
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    How much slack do I need for PelletVent Pro flex pipe?

    Hello, I am planning to use PelletVent Pro flexible pipe to connect rigid liner to a pellet stove-insert exhuast. The masonary chimney height is 12 feet from hearth to the flue vent. A straight passage of 8' 2" from flue vent to top edge of the damper. PelletVent Pro install instruction reads...
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    Building Rumford fireplace Advice Needed

    Hi guys I'm new on this forum. I need an advice from the experts who are familiar with building a Rumford fireplace. I'm using the plans provided by website. But I cannot use their components so I need to cast them by myself. Since my chimney is already built I need to make a...
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    Should I keep my Hearthstone Windsor Bay Fireplace insert

    Or start over. We had it installed in in our ski house about 14 years ago. It seemed to work okay for awhile, but for the past 3 winters I have had to have the propane company service people come out to start it and restart it multiple times. It seems to work okay for the first few years...