WH-Empress Control Panel Unresponsive

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New Member
Jan 27, 2024
Hi there. I recently moved into a house that has a WH-Empress pellet stove insert. Last winter we had no issues with the device, but this winter it is barely usable.
The control panel is completely unresponsive in any of the three modes (I do not have a thermostat connected so it is in manual mode). When I plug the stove in, it automatically turns on and begins feeding pellets and it seems to work fine. None of the buttons work at all, however, so I cannot turn the stove on or off or adjust the heat. The only way to turn off the stove is to let it run out of pellets and then unplug it. Additionally, it feels like less hot air is being blown into the room. The control panel remains lit up with 5 red lights regardless of what buttons I press.

I received a quote for $450 for just a diagnostic visit from a local repair person which seems steep. I'd rather fix it myself and save some cash. Does anyone have recommended troubleshooting steps I can try?

I have thoroughly cleaned the stove and the gaskets, removed all ash, and have new pellets inside.

I removed the control board and there was a ton of corrosion that ate away some of the leads. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol to hope that it would fix the issue but no dice

New board is on the way
WH-Empress Control Panel Unresponsive