Ceiling clearance question

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Dec 9, 2019
Hi there!

Just going to preface this by saying my husband and I are installing a wood stove for the first time and thus are wading through the very confusing rules & regulations around stove pipes.. trying our best to do it correctly :) Thought someone here may be able to help!

We are trying to gather all the stove pipe pieces we need... Our pipe comes out of a clay thimble in a brick chimney, extends out about 8 or 9", then has 2 elbows (because the original stove was offset rather than centered over the fireplace opening) and then goes straight down into our wood stove which is a Woodstock Soapstone Progress Hybrid.

The problem is the thimble was pre-existing so we used the same hole, only to realize now it's less than the 18" clearance from the ceiling that is necessary with single wall stove pipe.

Can we use a stove pipe heat shield attached w/ceramic spacers on the horizontal pipe facing the ceiling? (Which would cut clearance down to only 6".) All the shields I've seen say "vertical use only". Is this because it would not have the same air flow / heat reduction if laid on horizontal pipe?

If that's not an option, is the only option to have a metal or other heat shield attached to the ceiling with a 1" gap?

Thanks in advance! Happy to provide more info if needed.
Yes, Imperial heat shields are made for vertical and horizontal applications. they also make an elbow shield.
Thank you!! Is the Imperial stove pipe shield any different than this one, for example?

Wondering if the Imperial one would be hard to cut if we needed it shorter.
I don't know the gauge of either brand. Both should to the job. Remember to extend the shield over the elbow. The other option is to use double-wall stovepipe to reduce the clearance.
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