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  1. V

    Ceiling Clearance and how to finish?

    Hey all, So, I recently purchased a home with an old wood burning stove in the basement that I had a fire in and the ceiling got way too hot. So I pulled down the drop ceiling and all the "brick" that had sheetrock behind it. Attached are some pictures with a rough idea of how far away the...
  2. P

    Wood stove ceiling clearance with stove tucked halfway in alcove

    Hello all, First off this community is amazing. I have been reading threads and researching for our new stove for the past month and this website has by far bee nthe greatest resource. Every night when I get on this forum I crumble up my design paper and throw it away and realize that my...
  3. louisblanc

    Ceiling shield dimensions - Canada

    Hi there! I recently moved in a home with a non certified stove from the 90s, still in good shape. It's located in a unfinished basement, concrete floor, stone foundation, so no concerns about combustibles here. The ceiling is very low, and, from what I understand, I can reduce the clearance...
  4. S

    Ceiling clearance question

    Hi there! Just going to preface this by saying my husband and I are installing a wood stove for the first time and thus are wading through the very confusing rules & regulations around stove pipes.. trying our best to do it correctly :) Thought someone here may be able to help! We are trying...
  5. J

    Wall and Ceiling Shielding Question

    I am building a sauna with a wood stove. I am installing wall clearance reduction shields on two walls and on the ceiling. All will have min. 1" air gaps. My question is where the wall and ceiling shields would meet do I butt the wall and ceiling shields together, or leave a gap? Thanks, Jim
  6. A

    Ceiling Clearances (non-alcove)

    HI I live in Illinois and I am having a wood stove installed today. It's a Jotul F3cb. I was mildly concerned about the ceiling clearances that I have. It will be installed in the basement on the hearth of my traditional fireplace, but not at all in the original firebox...sitting just in front...
  7. L

    Modern stove installation, but in a 5 feet basement (ceiling height)...?

    We're upgrading the wood stove with something newer and more efficient. We currently rent our place with buying option. It’s a 105 year old house, two storey and not well insulated(but will be in the future). We know a new chimney was installed 5 years ago. Appears to be 7” with 2” insulation...