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  1. C

    Full masonry brick and concrete blocks wall hole size

    Hi and thanks in advance for the help. I got this indoor masonry fireplace that has an indoor masonry chimney in the living room. It is location in the middle of my house. I am preparing to make a hole in the back of the fireplace (on the dining room brick wall) to install a brand new wood cook...
  2. K

    Bring installation back to code

    I bought a1950s house with an Englander 18-MH as the primary heat source. I went to clean the chimney the and noticed that the liner seemed to lose so I started pulling and found a 2' section rusted away. I started poking at the installation more and found a 6" clerance on the stove pipe and 9"...
  3. B

    Wood stove in fireplace was the plan. Currently on Plan D. Clearance help

    Hello! I have a 1971 home that had a premanufactured fireplace nestled inside of a masonry chimney. We thought we could remove it and install a free-standing wood stove in place of the fireplace. After burning up my Sawzall blades and cut off discs I purchased a plasma cutter to assist in...
  4. A

    Jotul F45 Greenville clearance to furniture

    I have purchased a Jotul F45 V2 Greenville and was reading the owners manual and installation guide. It states for my install I need 8” clearance off the side of the stove to (combustibles) the wall. But does this include combustibles such as furniture, particularly a cloth sofa? Through...
  5. T

    Brick and drywall behind stove - noncombustible or not?

    Hi, I am having a stove installed in my living room and the wall behind it is covered in 3.5" of brick, which is in front of drywall with a 1" air gap between the two materials. There's also a stone mantel which covers the top of the brick and the air gap. Am I correct in understanding that the...
  6. eyesoutside

    Jotul 602 clearances and design (for sauna hot room)

    I'm building a sauna in the backyard and need help with my clearances. It's a 12'x8' platform, with a change room and a hotroom. The interior dimensions are 7'4"x4' (change room) and 7'2"x7' (hot room). The ceiling is 96". See diagram. I have an older Jotul 602 (black plastic handle) for the hot...
  7. A

    Rejecting clearance guidelines in 100% non-combustible space?

    Hi all! I am hoping to install a cast-iron wood stove in the highlighted corner of what will be an art studio/ gallery space in the Girona area of Cataluña, Spain. Winters are not super cold here, but it is humid and windy and temperatures flirt with the idea freezing for a handful of months a...
  8. M

    Wood stove for fireplace installation - questions before purchase

    Last winter our sweep cautioned us against using our fireplace as an open hearth due to cracked tiles and lack of parging. After lots of reading, debates over wood v. pellet v. gas, and visits to the stove dealer we are close to making the final decision to purchase a wood stove which will sit...
  9. S

    Ceiling clearance question

    Hi there! Just going to preface this by saying my husband and I are installing a wood stove for the first time and thus are wading through the very confusing rules & regulations around stove pipes.. trying our best to do it correctly :) Thought someone here may be able to help! We are trying...
  10. P

    Help! Min clearance from power line?

    Hello, im wondering how close my wood fired chimney can be to a power line, I just dont want to worry about melting the power line. The line comes off a pole then over my roof to the drop. Its about the same height and about 3ft away. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. S

    Zero clearance insulation contact

    I am in the process of installing FPX Apex 42. They have installed the firebox and but we are waiting for the chimney chase to arrive. I noticed that the insulation is contacting the bottom 6 inches of the firebox in the back. The installer says it's fine. Is this okay?
  12. C

    Inside Corner Flue Clearance Concerns

    Last year, I bought a home in CNY with 2 wood stoves already installed. After tinkering somewhat over the past winter, I've decided that I would like to replace both stoves in order to try to heat primarily with wood. Of concern is the downstairs small Jotul corner setup, particularly the...
  13. W

    Clearance to Non-Combustibles

    I am installing a wood stove (Werner W-130) in an unfinished basement. I have gone through NFPA 211 but i can not find the answer to clearances to non-combustibles. The basement floor is concrete so per i should not need any added protection or clearance reduction. However, I can not...
  14. R

    Corner Installation Clearances for Hearthstone Equinox

    I've decided on a new Hearthstone Equinox wood stove. Right now I'm in the hearth pad design phase. Ive been trying to get things designed and laid out before the stove arrives and upon reading the installation manual i've noticed that the corner installation specs are way greater than the...
  15. pyrojoe

    Cinder block chimney install

    Hi all, it's been a few years since I've burnt wood due to moving to a new place. I've been hoping to get a wood burning furnace installed in the basement and haven't gotten it done to this point (more questions coming on that). My first item of business is getting my chimney situation figured...
  16. K

    Woodstove required clearance question

    I have an Avalon 1250 that I am going to install in the corner of my living room. We recently put in wood floors in the living room and left a space for the size and shape hearth I thought would be required based on my understanding (at the time) of the clearances in the manual and NFPA 211...
  17. gardnert

    Clearances for stove, possible mantel replacement?

    I apologize if this comes up often, but I've searched the forums for an answer or input and didn't come up with much. My wife and I just purchased a Jotul F3 as a source of backup heat (home's all electric, no options for natural gas). The plan is to drop in a liner into the existing chimney...
  18. M

    Side Clearance - Jotul C450

    New to the site- and I have been scouring this forum for weeks now, and have found a ton of useful info. Hoping you guys can help with this, first a little background information. Just picked up a sweet deal on an '08 Jotul C450 for $500! it was used minimally and is going to provide my oil...
  19. VirginiaIron

    To Insulate or Not Insulate a Flexible Liner - That is the question!

    I have been debating the use of insulation on a flexible liner and I have received mixed opinions from some people and the sales reps. It seems that insulation is required from most insurance companies to maintain safe clearances rather than stack temp and creosote- although stack temps and...
  20. H

    Cultured stone behind stove and pipe

    Hi, I'm in central Minnesota. I put in a Lopi double door wood stove with 8" pipe on a straight wall. The stove pipe is 21" from the studs and straight up with proper through ceiling set up. I'm think of putting up 1/2 " durra rock and 1 1/2 to 2 1/2" thick cultured stone, with a 3/8 to 1/2 "...