Jotul F45 Greenville clearance to furniture

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Oct 8, 2022
I have purchased a Jotul F45 V2 Greenville and was reading the owners manual and installation guide. It states for my install I need 8” clearance off the side of the stove to (combustibles) the wall. But does this include combustibles such as furniture, particularly a cloth sofa?

Through reading the threads in this forum I can’t find the answer pertaining to furniture and the spacing with the side of the stove and I’m unsure with the wording of the owners manual if that clearance is for a Sheetrock wall only or all combustibles.

This stove will be installed along the side on an exterior wall with a sofa on one side and the kitchen table on the other side.

The needed clearance on the sofa will dictate how big of a sofa I can buy.

As far as I know the F45 comes with a heat shield installed from the factory on the bottom and rear.
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The F45 has a cast iron jacket which reduces the clearance, but I want a bit more protection. The side clearance in the manual I have says 15". I would go at least 18" in this case.

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 8.28.02 PM.png
Yeah I think your looking at the minimum floor protection which is 8” on either side of the stove mixed up with the actual side clearance of 15”. Nice stove by the way.
I see that 15” now. My mistake. Thank you for pointing that out and saving me future problems.

So if a cloth sofa is 18” away, how hot will the material be when running the stove?
Just below combustion point, or just warm to the touch?
My concern is, is the heat damaging a new sofa we get to go beside the stove.

If it is a fabric sofa, just warm to the touch. If a leather sofa, the warmth may dry out the leather on that side prematurely.
I am having similar issues with clearances on my Jotul F500 stove, built in 2006 or so. I can find the clearance specs however, it does not give a clearance spec from the back of the stove with wall protection, using double wall stove pipe and no rear shield. It does give a clearance of 6" from wall to stove with wall protection , double wall stove pipe with rear shield. But I cant find any info for no rear shield , double wall pipe and wall protection. How close can I go?
If it is a proper NFPA 211 wall shield, 12".