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New Member
Jan 25, 2021
Vermont, USA
I'm building a sauna in the backyard and need help with my clearances. It's a 12'x8' platform, with a change room and a hotroom. The interior dimensions are 7'4"x4' (change room) and 7'2"x7' (hot room). The ceiling is 96". See diagram. I have an older Jotul 602 (black plastic handle) for the hot room. I could use some help designing a floor plan that will respect all clearances, while reserving as much space as possible for benches. I plan to use double insulated pipe and install 24gauge sheetmetal wall protection with 1" air buffer and 1" floor/ceiling gap. I found the F602 manual online, but can't find the older manuals online. Jotul's website is under maintenance right now. Does anyone have that PDF to share?

Questions numbered for easy response:
1) Anyone know the side/rear/corner/ceiling clearances for the older Jotul 602 model (with black plastic handle)? I can only find the newer F602 manual.
2) Any tips on reducing my clearances?
3) Any tips on how to layout my benches/door/stove to maximize seating?
4) My family is very tall, so I'd like to raise the stove off the floor. Any advice with this?

Thanks in advance!

PS. the walls are not up yet, so I have some flexibility on design.

The back and side clearances can be reduced to 12" using NFPA 211 wall shielding. The ceiling height requirement is typically 84". The stove could be placed on a raised hearth as long as the top of the hearth has an R=1.19 rating.