Corner Installation Clearances for Hearthstone Equinox

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Sep 2, 2018
I've decided on a new Hearthstone Equinox wood stove. Right now I'm in the hearth pad design phase. Ive been trying to get things designed and laid out before the stove arrives and upon reading the installation manual i've noticed that the corner installation specs are way greater than the parallel. This poses a few problems/ questions for me.

Here is the manual for reference.

I have to mount in the corner of the room based on where the chimney is going (no other feasible location)

The manual says WITH the optional rear heat shield for the equinox and double wall stove pipe the allowable clearance to combustibles is 11.75 inches to the center of the flue collar on the stove.

In the corner installation diagram Hearthstone has stated you need a whopping 73.875 inches from the valley of the corner to the center of the flue collar. this figure is also based on the stove having the rear heat shield and double wall pipe.

That would put my stove practically in the middle of the house.

Does a corner installation really need another whole 5 feet of clearance?
I understand that the distance from the side walls to the center of the flue collar are much less than the 73.875 inches I've mentioned above ( manual says 28.875 inches) but still, seems excessive difference to me.

My question really is about safely reducing these clearances so I can still install the Equinox in the corner of the room.
Should there be a non-combustible hearth wall built behind the stove with airspace and cement backboard or is that not necessary? If I am to build a backing wall (which I intended) how much can these measurments safely be reduced?
Ive read through the NFPA 211 and understand the gist of it but was thrown off by this wildly different clearance rating of the corner installation.

Thanks a bunch for any answers.
the way i read it "K" is from center of corner to front lip of the hearth (73-7/8")
"J" is center of the flue (28-7/8")