Woodstove required clearance question

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Aug 1, 2017
Newberg, OR
I have an Avalon 1250 that I am going to install in the corner of my living room. We recently put in wood floors in the living room and left a space for the size and shape hearth I thought would be required based on my understanding (at the time) of the clearances in the manual and NFPA 211. (My plan is to use cement board on the subfloor and thin brick on top of that to make a hearth flush with the wood floor.)

In short, the manual for the stove requires 10" clearance from corner of the stove to the wall, but includes a line that all clearances can be reduced by methods in NFPA 211. Initially when I read through NFPA 211, I thought I could reduce that clearance to about 3.5 inches if I included the 1 inch ventilated airpsace and construction of wall protection specified in the table. However, after I installed the floors, I realized that NFPA requires a minimum of 12" per the table.

So my question is - is there any feasible way to reduce the clearances so that I don't have to rip up some of the floor I already laid to make a bigger hearth? I could move the stove out to achieve the 10 inch clearance, but I would not then have the 16 inch floor protection required in front of the stove (unless I ripped out some floor to make a bigger hearth). Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated.

I would pull it out to 10" and while you are at it i would give yourself atleast 18" infront you will never regret a larger hearth especially if it is flush
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Increase it, increase it! A big hearth is better than a small hearth, coming and going.
In other words, how many nickel sized burn holes do you want in your wood floor?
Thanks everyone. The wood and border I made look so good and we have a small living room so I was trying to avoid increasing it, but it sounds like that's the way I need to go. Any other thoughts would be very welcome!
You could try making a proposed clearance reduction using a ventilated NFPA211 heat shield and draw up a sketch to submit to Travis tech support and to the inspecting authority. If both parties agree in writing, then you would be ok. Remember that the stove pipe has its own clearance requirements regardless.
Wondering what the original poster decided to do here... I was thinking, if possible, remove the wood border then extend the hearth onto a portion of the already installed wood floor, then re-apply the border at the new hearth dimensions... I know it stinks to cover up beautiful wood flooring, but perhaps this could be a solution.